Adding character to your home.

Hourly Rate

Rates are $40 an hour/person +GST

What services do we offer hourly?
– General clean up
– Weeding
– Installation of material
– Hedge trimming
– Pruning
– Leaf clean up
– And more…

We offer weekly and bi-weekly lawn maintenance and mowing services for both residential and commercial properties.
We are fully insured and offer competitive rates for stratas.

Lawn Mowing Services

Our mowing services start at $45 +GST and go up depending on the size of the lot.

What do mowing services include?
– Mowing
– Trimming
– Edging
– Clean-up

Lawn Care –
Mulching & Top Soil Services

We offer top soil and mulching services to keep your soil healthy and fertile.
Mulching is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
Please inquire as rates depend on the size of the yard/garden and material needed.

Lawn Care – Fertilization Services

We offer fertilization to keep your lawn lush and green.
Our rates start at $50 +GST and go up depending on the size.
We offer Spring, Summer, and Fall fertilization.

Small Landscape
Project & Installation

We offer affordable rates for your small projects.
Please inquire with details of your project for a quote.

Disposal Fees

There is no dumping fee for regular maintenance unless we have to remove large amounts of debris such as big shrubs or trees.

For our regular clients, we offer disposal rates as low as $5 and can go up to $75 for a full truck load.
The rate is based on the size.

For one time clients, the rates are of $50 or $75 depending on load size.

One-Time Clients

One time clients are welcome!

Rates for one time mowing jobs start at $55 and go up based on the size of the lot.

Rates for other one time services would be based on the project and the location.
Please inquire with details for a quote.

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